13 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


Hello! I thought that this would be a fun time to do a different little post. A post for you to kind of get to know me, and some of the quirky things I may exhibit. In return, be sure to share your quirks too! 

  • I’m naturally, without distortion or exaggeration, exceptionally terrible at math…but somehow managed to pull the highest grade in my college physics class. Math = nonsensical, but physics = commonsense. 
  • I was prophesied to become a Veterinarian by my third grade teacher who did “profession predictions”. As an adult, I know that I have a boundless love for animals, and I did go into the medical field…but I could never, ever be a vet!
  • I got into Radiology because I thought it would be the least gorey of all the medical professions. Wrong. Wrong on so many levels. I’ve literally been hit in the face with a blood clot and a bone fragment during surgery. In the ER, I x-rayed a hand that looked like just a bloody clump of bone and flesh (got caught in the spring of a garage door) and I’ve “tipped” more people than I can count…it involves your bum-bum and it’s not fun. Now that I’m a Mammographer all I do mostly is boobies and that’s fine by me!
  • I’m a really difficult sleeper. Ever since high school I’ve been sleeping with earplugs and a eyemask. I grew up on 40 acres in a rural town in Alaska…needless to say it doesn’t make a lot of sense. 
  • I’m a Highly Sensitive Person. If you don’t know what a highly sensitive person is, here are 16 habits of such a person. It’s basically me in a nutshell. Or read a book on it here.
  • Flying is more and more terrifying the older I get and the more I really think about it. Have you thought about it? I mean really thought about it. It’s an incomprehensible fall to Earth…skeezes me out big-time.  
  • I co-piloted a plane when under the age of seven. My Grandpa has planes.
  • I take the stairs instead of the elevator, as well as long or alternative routes, and use the self-checkout at the store just to avoid contact with people.
  • I have essential tremors. It’s a good thing I didn’t want to become a surgeon. 
  • I’ve never dyed or highlighted my hair (unless you count the one that washes out in eight days).
  • The coolest places I’ve traveled are The Galapoagas Islands and Turks & Caicos
  • I only own one pair of heels
  • Winter is my favorite season.

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