Hello and thanks for visiting Produce On Parade!

Well, we’re a little over one month old now…so, of course that means we’re all grown up! And, we though it was about time we put our big-blog pants on and move out of the free wordpress.com site  to our own site. Yep. Never fear though, our address is now easier to remember than before. We just dropped the “.wordpress” part of our URL!

Don’t worry, we’ll still have the same great, wholesome recipes you expect, those little healthful tips, and of course our vegan sass too! Our new site looks different than your old old and it may take us a week or two to get it to exactly how we want it to look, so please be patient with us. Take a peek around and see what you think. We know you’ll like it! We are sure proud of it and will continue to improve the site and customize it over the next couple of weeks.

From now on, all future posts will be hosted here, at produceonparade.com

Everyone will be redirected automatically from the old site. See, that’s not so hard? Sometimes, change is good, and in this case it’s great!

From the little Produce on Parade family, we thank you for supporting our us! We hope you continue to find many recipes to keep you healthy and happy. Cheers!

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