Why hello!

First, I’d like to put it on the record that 15F is sooooo much nicer than -15F. I think I may have froze my upper eyelids while walking the dogs a couple days ago. Second, I thought today would be a nice day to share some pretty sweet photos with you. This was prompted by the Christmas tree decorating at my Grandpa’s, yesterday. You can read more about my Grandpa, here. You want to, trust me.

Heh heh, I couldn’t resist creating some ridiculous little imagery. 

Okay, first up, this is how Bob watches football. At two different houses, it doesn’t matter where he is, this is his football position. Dead beetle style.

Second, here are some lovely photos from our ski last week. You can see more on my Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook page. See the top right side of the blog to connect and keep up on all the Alaskan awesomeness. 

And now, here are some photos from Grandpa’s basement basement. What’s a basement basement? Well, there’s the basement…and then there’s the basement basement. The latter being a straight up sketchy ass place below the regular basement with narrow, terrifying stairs, crushed and broken glass, oddities that were outcast from the kitchen, and enough food to seriously supply a small army. The kind of place you make sure your guests don’t know about.

It would be a supreme location for an episode of Fear Factor…or Saw. As a child it was scary as hell. Now, it’s a wonderful place (minus the spiderwebs) filled with old-timey treasures from bygone eras! Need a bottle of antibiotics from the 1940s? We got that! Looking for a canned WHOLE chicken from the 1950s? We got that, too! There’s also rusted out japanese teapots and a deep freeze full of old caribou meat!

Also, there are these four beauties from my Grandpa’s old office. I asked for them for Christmas. I love them. Note the old crazy old snowshoe at the top of the photo. Just one. Where is the other snowshoe? What happened to it? We’ll never know…

This is my super sweet, adorable Grandma.When I grow up, I want to be just like her! 

This is why I have to take an antihistamine everyday. Or, I could just stop rescuing dogs. Haha, no, I’ll take the Zyrtec. I’ve been trying to master the “petting dogs is okay”, but “petting dogs then touching face/eye is not okay”.

Ew, sorry for that gross picture. This one is much better. Look at these two explorers!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these little treasures from my phone. Keep in touch for more excitement down the road!

Cheers! Wishing you a crazy and eccentric Holiday season. 

Listening to Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know





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