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So, apparently I’m not up on all the cool blogy type of stuff. I just discovered Blog Lovin’! I know, right? It’s a little embarrassing. I’ve been getting all the blogs I subscribe to in my email and it’s getting a little cray cray up in there.

I’m going to have to follow them all on Blog Lovin’ now! That will keep them all neat, nice, and orderly. Just how a square such as myself likes them. You can follow any blog, just search for it at Blog Lovin’. To make it easy to follow Produce On Parade, I’ve installed a follow me button link at the top of the post!

Pretty cool, huh? If you have a blog or if you’re just a blog fan, are there any neat apps or widgets that you find interesting or helpful? I had one reader tell me it would be neat to have a map of my readers. I thought that would be pretty cool, but I’m still looking for that one!

Cheers! Happy Hump Day!

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