Christmas In The Thimble Home


Heh heh. Like my new do? I’m sorry, I just couldn’t restrain myself from the tomfoolery…

I’m never really sure what the acceptable time frame is to put up the Christmas tree…but people seem to get really grouchy about such stuff. I, personally, love seeing all the Christmas stuff in the stores before Halloween. All the longer to be excited! Right? I’m being serious.

Growing up on vast plot of our very own Alaskan land, we have a plethora of wonderful Christmas tree candidates to choose from. Only the very best make the cut. My older brother and I have always been particularly picky about our family Christmas trees. It must be at least 12 feet tall, have no gaps in the branches, be the correct girth and of course, be absolutely perfect in general. However, as fun as it getting the tree, I always do feel a bit remorseful when chopping it down. Though, I’ve never really expressed this. We’ve always had a real Christmas tree from the property. One year, my dad merely suggested getting a fake tree and…let’s just say the topic was never brought up again.

Getting the family Alaskan Christmas tree went a little something like this…

…the entire family dons the proper winter apparel (dogs included, Bob must have his blue winter bandana on) and either trudges or snowmachines (not snowmobiles…I do not live in The States) through the woods to find the tree. Sometimes we scout it out by foot earlier in the week. If we go by snowmachine, us little ones ride in the sled. Little ones being pretty much everyone but my dad, who obviously has to drive the snowmachine (it’s machine in Alaska, not mobile). Once we find the tree we take a hand saw, or a chainsaw if we my dad is feeling extra-non-Christmasy and cut it down, tie it to the sled and bring it home. 

But now…

…I’ve been struggling with what to do for Todd and my little thimble of a home. Currently we have nothing. Sure, I strung Christmas lights around a few of the trees outside the house, have a felted mistletoe from West Elm hanging from the ceiling, I wrapped up all the gifts I’ve bought so far, and of course I am listening to my Christmas music non-stop, but it doesn’t feel like enough. When we walk down the street, and I see the neighbors with their beautiful, festive trees up and all decorated and glowing, my Christmas spirit feels insufficient, at best. It’s like my Christmas-O-Meter is hanging down around low-to-empty. Waaah!

Todd told me this weekend we could find ourselves a tree, but I don’t want to chop one down. It makes me too sad! I know, go ahead and laugh, but it really does! And the idea of having a fake tree, oh god, is almost more upsetting than having to chop down a real one. My friend told me that in Oregon, her family would buy their Christmas tree like you would if you were to plant it. They would keep it in a bucket which would be covered with fabric and then after Christmas was over, they would plant it outside! Of course, I thought this was perfect. I will have to look into it and see if we have something similar up here in Alaska. 

However, while fiddling around on BlogLovin’ (because where else would I be farting around at right now? I told you I am obsessed) I found this photo.

What a great idea! Why hadn’t I thought of it before? Our tiny thimble home doesn’t allow for much of anything, really. It’s awfully tiny. Our coffee pot is in the entryway/laundry room/storage room/coatroom/dressing room. And our living room is a tiny loft. The entire house can be partitioned in two if the fridge door is opened at a 90 degree angle. Yes. It’s that kind of small. But it’s home. For now. See part it for yourself, here.

Spruce branch clippings in glass vases will give the smell of Christmas and even the thimble home can accommodate them! They can even go in all the rooms to seriously infuse that pinetree smell. And the best part is, an entire tree doesn’t have to go! 

“What about mah DECK-O-RAY-SHUNS!?” you may questionably shout. Never fear! Just clip larger branches to accommodate them. Ah yes. 

Place on a table or in a corner and the presents can go below! It’s not an actual Christmas tree, but it’s something at least, and I think it might just have to do this year. We might get some lights to go around the frame of a window for some twinkle, too. Who says you have to be traditional? If you have a small space or just want more Christmas spirit infused into your home (more, we want more!), I hope this has inspired you!

Hurry for the Holidays!

Wishing you and yours a kind and peaceful start to the Holidays.


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