Photo An Hour, Alaskan Style


I always love it when my favorite bloggers post little blurbs or photos from their life. Especially when it’s non-food related. It’s kind of like a friendly invitation to take a glimpse into their life. So, I finally decided to do my own!I have to say that my life isn’t terribly exciting, but that happens to be how I like it. I heard that the French literally devote large chunks of time to doing absolutely nothing but just chillin’. Any French readers that can attest to this? I don’t know, it was just something I read. It was probably on Pinterest…which of course means it’s completely factual.  

Anyways, I had Columbus Day Family Wellness Day (that’s what the foundation I work for calls it) off from work and so I thought it’d be the perfect day to do my “Photo An Hour” post. So, without any further babbling, here we go!

Photo An Hour, Alaskan Style

7:00 AM – Snug as a bug in a rug! A little early for my day off, but…oh well!

8:00 AM – Watching Bones…my favorite! 

9:00 AM – Reading The Snow Child and trying to stay in bed as long as possible. Bob is too. And yes, he sleeps on a memory foam bed with a quilt (that I bought for our bed) on top and two king size pillows (also ours) on top of that! He’s such a princess. And yes, he sleeps like he has rigor mortis…

10:00 AM – Dishes. Blah! I got a clean kitchen out of it though, and that’s always a good way to start the day. Also, that is my kitchen in it’s entirety. Yes, I am completely serious. When the fridge door is open, it hits right smack in the middle of the sink, creating a half wall. We need to build, STAT…

11:00 AM – Breakfast/Lunch/Recipe Development. Also, spice cabinet organization (not pictured). Todd left me with the baby camera and the zoom lens…thanks, Todd! Not. Hehe.

Noon – Laundry time with Bob. He’s not a great helper, though he doesn’t seem to mind being a table for my stacks of laundry…

1:00 PM – Running in the leaves with Bob and Cooper (Bob’s BFF), who I was puppy-sitting for the day. 

2:00 PM – …still running…it was a looong run! So pretty though.

3:00 PM – Break time! Which, obviously means another Bones. Don’t judge me! That show is legit. 

4:00 PM – Snack time and more reading. Half an apple, hummus, snap peas and pita chips. Also, I highly recommend reading The Snow Child. A National Bestseller, written by a gal from my hometown! 

5:00 PM – Tea, reading, and Chopin. Also, a visit from my BFF (Cooper’s Mom).

6:00 PM – My true love is home from work, finally! Talking about each other’s day. I would like to dedicate this time to point out that Todd never wears a cut-off…I swear we don’t live in a trailer or a redneck igloo! Truthfully though, I don’t mind it so much…

7:00 PM – Din din and creating my High Protein Vegan Veggie Wrap. Nevermind the gang of squash. 

8:00 PM – Roughhousing. Boys will be boys…

9:00 PM – Treat yo’ self! The nail polish is named “Classy”…obviously, just like moi.  

10:00 PM – Goodnight! Thanks for taking a peek into our little life!

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